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Unexplored region of Aomori! Digital detox at Lamp no Yado "Aoni Onsen"

Suggested Time
2 days / 1 nights
Transport Options
Train, Bus, Walk
All year around

Would you like to experience something extraordinary with Digital Detox?

At Aoni Onsen, there is no electricity, no radio waves, and the only light is a lamp!

Let's enjoy the relaxing time to your heart's content.


Lamp Inn Aoni Onsen

Aoni Stream flows from the Minami Hakkoda mountain range and is characterized by the surrounding virgin forest, waterfalls, and rapid currents. Aoni Onsen is located within the Aoni Stream and is surrounded by ravines. It is a well-known onsen inn as the “lamp inn” throughout Japan.
The lamps of the inn are lit as the evening approaches, changing the atmosphere to a magical world. The lamps are the only light source in the inn. There are no TVs, refrigerators, or outlets in the guest rooms. This “luxury” of having nothing is exactly what attracts visitors to the Lamp Inn.
Dinner includes seasonal Japanese country style cuisine. Guests enjoy the simple meal which uses fresh mountain vegetables and river fish, the blessing of nature from the mountains and river.

Hot Spring Water Composition/ Simple hot spring
Hot Spring Benefits/ Rheumatoid, movement disorders, nerve paralysis, recovery from exhaustion

The Hidden Hot Spring Lit by Lamps

The inn features an open outdoor bath, a beech-wood bath, and a stone bath where bathers can enjoy the calming sounds of the stream. The elegant air created by the lamp lights at night treats guests with a luxurious moment of peace and quiet.

Telephone Number
Opening Times
[One Day Onsen]
*Please reserve a shuttle from Michinoeki Nijino Mizuumi as the inn becomes inaccessible during the winter by car.


Tsugaru Traditional Craft Museum

A facility that promotes the traditional culture of the Tsugaru region

At the Tsugaru Traditional Arts and Crafts Museum, you can try your hand at making Tsugaru lacquerware and Tsugaru kokeshi dolls. At the store, you can buy typical souvenirs of Tsugaru. Next to the facility, there is the Tsugaru Kokeshi Museum where about 4,000 kokeshi dolls are displayed.

Telephone Number
Opening Times
09:00 - 17:00
Mondays from December to March, year-end and New Year


Komise along Naka-Machi Ave., selected one of the best 100 streets in Japan, features an arcaded shopping area with traditional structures remaining from the Edo Period.
Komise was made as an arcaded street to keep snow and rain out, which is characteristic of the snowy northern parts of Japan. Buildings along Naka-Machi Ave. have been particularly well-preserved.

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