Spring Guide

After a long and cold winter, Aomori Prefecture will have the most beautiful season. If you are visiting Aomori in spring, you cannot miss the cherry blossom season. You can explore many cherry blossom viewing spots such as Hirosaki Park, the highest cherry blossom viewing spot in Japan, the Tsugaru Railway where you can see cherry blossoms from the train window, and the longest road of cherry trees in the world. Rape blossoms, apple blossoms, the sparkle of paddy fields filled with water, and the beauty of fresh green are also waiting for you.

Spring Guide
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As of August 9, 2022, intense rain has been falling intermittently in Aomori Prefecture, and the risk of landslides, flooding, and flood damage is rapidly increasing, so please exercise extreme caution. In addition, warnings and advisories have been issued in many cities, towns, and villages. For more information, please refer to the "Aomori Disaster Prevention Portal".

Aomori Prefectural Tourism and International Strategy Bureau

Aomori Disaster Prevention Portal