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Let’s enjoy the charms of Hachinohe!

In the southeastern part of Aomori Prefecture is Hachinohe, which faces the Pacific Ocean. The region is particularly rich in fresh seasonal seafoods, and visitors will find a spectacular variety of local seafood treats on the streets.
Offering much in the way of gourmet foods, Hachinohe also has a wide range of historical, cultural, and natural heritages worth seeing. There are also a large number of shopping facilities and activities for you to enjoy!


Mutsu Minato Station Front Morning Market

Mutsu Minato Station Front Morning Market, affectionately called Hachinohe’s kitchen, is an open air market that sells fresh seafood and locally harvested vegetables. The market opens early at four in the morning and is always bustling with shoppers.


Tanesashi Coast

The Tanesashi coast offers many natural attractions such as the natural grass that grows to the water’s edge, the nakisuna (singing sand) that produce sounds when walking, and a vast grassy plain with many flowers and plants.
In May 2013, the coast was designated as part of Sanriku Fukko National Park, which was established to contribute to the reconstruction of Sanriku region after the Great East Japan Earthquake.
The coast is near the city center, making it easily accessible for local and visitors for trekking, swimming in the ocean, and surfing.
A walking trail is stretches along the coastal line and is a popular walking spot. For cyclists, electric bicycles with GPS and audio navigation are available for rent from spring to summer time.

Kabushima Island/Kabushima Shrine

Kabushima Island is a famous nesting location for black-tailed gulls. As black-tailed gulls are known to be monogamous, the Kabushima Shrine has become a place to pray for relationships and matchmaking.

Tanesashi Coast Information Center

The Tanesashi Coast Information Center provides information about the Tanesashi coast area within the Sanriku Fukko National Park. Along with information about the wildlife and culture of the area, the center offers various hands-on programs as well as information about the Michinoku Shiokaze Trail project and other seasonal information.

Address  14-167 Tanakubo, Samemachi, Hachinohe-shi, Aomori 031-0841

Contact  0178-51-8500

Hours of Operation  9:00~17:00(April – November),9:00~16:00(December – March)

Dates Closed  December 29th – January 3rd

Admission Fee  Free

URL  (Japanese)http://tanesashi.info/

Telephone Number
Same Town Tourist Association 0178-33-0462
Tanesashi Tourist Association 0178-38-2024
Hachinohe Tourist Convention Association 0178-41-1661
Hachinohe Tourism Section 0178-46-4040

Kabushima Island

The flight of tens of thousands of gulls is something you should never miss! 

Telephone Number

Hasshoku Center

Huge marketplace packed with Hachinohe food and leisure goods

Telephone Number

Hachinohe Portal Museum “hacchi”

At the Hachinohe Portal Museum “hacchi”, over 200 of “Yawata-uma”, a traditional craft made by the prefectural traditional craftsman, Nojiro Okubo will welcome you at the entrance. The facility has exhibition booths in the form of yatai (stall) for local foods, festival, history and culture, and also morning markets and yokocho (alleyway off the main street, usually there are shops and dining, etc.). Visitors can find Hachinohe’s attraction through the year.
Furthermore, there are café, shops selling original items, exhibition and shop of local arts and crafts. It is the place to feel the heart of northern region, Hachinohe, through the communication with locals.

Telephone Number
Second Tuesday of the month (following day will be closed when Tuesday is national holiday), December 31st and January 1st.

Hachinohe Yatai Mura (Food Stall Village)-Miroku Yokocho

Miroku Yokocho is located in the city center of Hachinohe. It is a little part of town with around 26 food stalls. Each shop serves a local menu such as fresh seafood from the Hachinohe port and Senbei-jiru (a traditional hot pot in which locally made crackers are cooked along with vegetables and meats) as well as typical Japanese bar (izakaya) food and ramen. The food stalls have an open atmosphere and are a popular spot for tourists. 

How to Enjoy Miroku Yokocho

On both sides of a narrow retro street, small stalls accommodating around eight people each are lined up tightly next to one another. One of the exciting things about Miroku Yokocho is meeting and chatting with strangers at the stalls. While enjoying one stall thoroughly is fun, stall-hopping is a great way to take advantage of the diverse styles of cooking in Miroku Yokocho.

Telephone Number
Opening Times
Hours vary by stall
Days closed vary by stall.

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