Enjoy activities at Oirase Gorge and Lake Towada

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Oirase Gorge and Lake Towada are famous for their fresh greenery and autumn colors.

Nature that makes you want to take a deep breath is spreading.

Experience a memorable experience with activities that come into contact with nature, such as mountain stream walks, canoeing on Lake Towada, and tours by nature guides.


Oirase Gorge

The Oirase Gorge is one of the most beautiful river valleys in Japan, with vibrant and fast flowing water. The gorge extends over 14 km from the contrastively calm Lake Towada. The Oirase Gorge shows its beauty in different ways throughout the four seasons. However, the gorge is mostly known for its spectacular autumn foliage in the fall season.
The Oirase Gorge has an enchanting atmosphere with many waterfalls and thick woods. Starting in October, the leaves of the trees begin to change to vibrant red and yellow, adding to the already vivid green of the moss on the rocks, adding colors to a magnificent sight. The autumn colors peak every year around the end of October to the beginning of November. Visitors can hike around the gorge on the hiking trail. The gorge is a National Special Place of Scenic Beauty and National Natural Monument.

Rental Bicycles

Rental Bicycles are available for visitors who prefer cycling to walking.

Basic Fee4 Hours Regular bicycle ¥1,000 Electric bicycle ¥1,500
Rental Hours8:30~16:30
Rental LocationOirase Sream Museum TEL:0176-74-1233
Ishikedo Rest Area TEL:0176-74-2355
JR Bus Nenokuchi TEL:0176-75-2244

The Oirase Stream Museum

The Oirase Stream Museum is located conveniently at the mouth of the Oirase Gorge for visitors to enjoy a break with a light meal or shop for souvenirs.

Address183 Tochikubo, Okuse, Towada-shi, Aomori 034-0301
Contact Information0176-74-1233 yuusuikan@oirase.or.jp
Business Hours9:00~16:00
Closed Days
Admission FeeFree
URL(Japanese) http://www.oirase.or.jp/keiryu/keiryu.htm
Telephone Number

Hoshino Resorts Oirase Keiryu Hotel

The only resort hotel located along the Oirase mountain stream.

The Oirase Keiryu Hotel is a relaxing hot spring hotel standing right next to the Oirase Keiryu National Park. You can spend time in the guest rooms, lobby, and terrace overlooking the mountain stream and experience the changing nature to the fullest. You can also see the mountain stream from the hot spring, which will heal your body and soul. There are two restaurants in the hotel, where you can enjoy the unique cuisine of Aomori.

Telephone Number

Towada Shrine

Towada Shrine, located on the Nakayama Peninsula jutting out into Lake Towada, is an ancient shrine said to have been founded by Tamuramaro Sakagami in 807. After passing through the cedar grove approach to the shrine and going up the stairs, you will see the majestic main shrine and worship hall, creating a tranquil atmosphere. The shrine is known as one of the best power spots in Tohoku, where you can feel the mystical energy.

Towada Shrine was once one of the two most sacred places in Japan, along with Osorezan, and flourished as a place for ascetic practices. It is said that until the separation of Buddhism and Shintoism in the Meiji era (1868-1912), the shrine was a symbol of the water god beliefs of the Tohoku region. Legend has it that a monk fought the legendary serpent of Lake Towada and won, transforming himself into a dragon and being enshrined as Seiryu Daigongen.

A fortune-telling site is located at the back of the shrine, down a cliff with an iron ladder, and is worshipped as a place to tell fortunes. It is said that if you throw a piece of paper called "Oyori-gami," which is given to you at Towada Shrine, into the lake and sink it, you will be granted a great wish. The ladder leading down to the fortune-telling site is currently closed to traffic, so you can perform fortune-telling on the Omaega-hama beach in front of the Statue of the Maiden, or in the bath or sink at home. Please try your luck.

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Lake Towada

Lake Towada displays a vibrant colorful fall with the yellow leaves of beech trees and the red of Japanese maple trees.
Lake Towada is a well-known spot in Tohoku region for its picturesque scenery.
The magnificent view of the lake colored with the reflection of Mount Towada is an unforgettable sight. In addition to the view from lakeside, the sight of the fall leaves from aboard the excursion boats is also highly recommended. The peak viewing season of Lake Towada’s fall leaves is from the middle to the end of October.

Lake Towada Excursion Boats

Visitors of Lake Towada can enjoy a different view of the lake with the Lake Towada Excursion boat throughout the year. The vibrant scenery that can be only enjoyed aboard the boats is sure to make your trip memorable.

General Ticket Fee Adult ¥1440, Child ¥720
Routes 1)Yasumiya to Yasumiya 2)Nenokuchi to Yasumiya
*The boat service is suspended during the winter season.
(Japanese) http://www.toutetsu.co.jp/ship.html

Towada Visitor Center

In addition to sightseeing information around Lake Towada, visitors can learn about the history of the lake as well as the trees and wild birds of the area. A film “The Four Seasons of Towada” can be seen in high-vision picture. 

Address486 Yasumiya Towada-kohan Okuse Towada-shi Aomori-ken 018-5501
Phone Number0176-75-2368
Business Hours8:30~17:00(April-November),
Closed DaysDecember 29th – January 3rd
Admission FeeFree
Telephone Number

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