Koganezaki Furofushi Onsen Hotel

Furofushi Onsen Hotel is an onsen (hot spring) hotel, famous for its outdoor bath on the Kogane peninsula which protrudes into the Sea of Japan. The name, Furofushi, comes from a saying “if I take care of myself here, I would never age or grow weaker.” It has received great amounts of media attention and is a popular tourist spot.
Though various lodging plans are available, the most recommended is the Cooking Up Plan where guests can select the main course of either grilled abalone or Aomori grown beef steak.
Day trips are available, however sunset bathing is limited to overnight guests. There is a mixed bath and a female-only bath to accommodate female guests not comfortable with mixed baths. Every Saturday from 20:00, guests can enjoy a live Tsugaru shamisen performance. A local gourmet dish, Fukaura tuna steak bowl can be savored at our hotel restaurant. 

Hot Spring Water Composition / Sodium, calcium, magnesium
Hot Spring Benefits / Nerve pain, back pain, rheumatism, cuts, and skin diseases

A Spectacular Feeling of Freedom

The seashore outdoor bath “Umibeno Rotenburo” offers a magnificent view and feeling of becoming one with the beach. There are no night lights, thus bathing is limited from sunrise to sunset. Sunset is the most popular time for visitors to enjoy this bath. Looking out to the horizon and listening to the ocean waves never fails to be a relaxing experience. The hot spring contains plenty of sodium and iron, which makes the water brown and effectively warms our bodies.

General Information

Telephone Number
Opening Times
[One Day Onsen]
Main Building 8:00~21:00(Final Admission 20:00)
New Building 10:30~14:00(Final Admission 13:30)
(Umibeno Rotenburo, Seashore outdoor bath)8:00~16:00(Final Admission 15:30)

[Main Building Restaurant]
10:30~19:00(Last Order 18:30)

[Check-in] 14:00~19:00
[Check-out] ~10:00
[One Day Onsen]
Adult ¥600, Child ¥300

[Room Rates]
Price varies by plan
JR Aomori Station/JR Shin-Aomori Station
Resort Shirakami 180 minute ride (¥2,790~)
JR Wespa Tsubakiyama Station
Free Shuttle Bus* 5 minute ride
Koganezaki Furofushi Onsen Hotel
*Buses are available around the train arrival at Wespa Tsubakiyama Station. (If riding the Resort Shirakami train, there is no need for reservation. If riding on a regular train, please make a reservation in advance).
(Japanese) http://www.furofushi.com/See trip advisor

Basic Information

  • Multilingual
  • Multilingual
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Contactless
  • Tax Free
  • Parking Lot
  • Barrier-Free
  • Barrier-Free

COVID-19 Prevention

  • Face Masks
  • Sanitizing
  • Temperature
  • Physical


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