Aomori produced apples make up over 50% of the apple market of Japan. In 2012, apple production in Aomori exceeded 446,000 tons, roughly 56% of the domestic market. As the number one producer, Aomori also has the largest apple farming land, 21,400 ha (52880 acres) as of 2012.
Aomori apples have been well received in foreign countries as well. In 2012, of the 14,898 tons of apples exported from Japan, 90% were produced in Aomori. While most are exported mainly to Taiwan, the search for new markets is underway. 

Apples(UMAIMONO AOMORI:Aomori Product Information Website )

Taste the Best Apple in Japan

As the number one producer in Japan, Aomori has also produced many products using apples. Moreover, there are many ways in which visitors can get a sample of apple farming and processing such as apple harvesting, apple pie eating tour, apple cidre (cider) tasting, and apple bath.

[Apple Pie]

As the top apple producer in the prefecture, Hirosaki is home to many pastry shops serving apple pies. Many visitors go on an apple pie eating tour around the city. At Hirosaki Sakura Festival and local festivals in the fall, a giant 2-meter (6.5 feet) apple pie is made and sold to visitors.
Apple Pie Hunting
Kyodai Apple Pie

[Cidre (Apple Cider)]

In recent years, Cidre, an alcoholic carbonated apple beverage, has increased in production. There are many facilities where visitors can see the brewing process and taste the cidre.

Cidre Factory

[Hirosaki Apple Park]

The Hirosaki Apple Park is home to over 1300 trees with 65 different types of apple trees. Visitors can learn about apples as well as enjoy food made with apples. In the fall, apple harvesting tours are available. The Cidre Factory is also located in the park.
Hirosaki Apple Park

Apple Market, Apple Sorting Tour

In Aomori, visitors can learn about the sales and distribution of apples. There are tours at sorting facilities where 200 apples are sorted by their sugar and acid content in a minute. The apple market is also open to the public.

[Apple Bath]

Apples are well known for its health benefits, as the saying “one apple a day keeps the doctor away”. In addition to the nutritional benefits, apple baths are said to have relaxing effect as well as promoting blood circulation and possess a beautifying effect.
Kai Tsugaru
Oirase Keiryu Hotel
Minamida Onsen Hotel Apple Land
Grandmer Sankaiso

[Production area]
Hirosaki City,Aomori City,Hirakawa City,Kuroishi City,Itayanagi Town
,Nanbu Town,Goshogawara City,Tsuruta Town,Owani Town,Fujisaki Town,Nishimeya Village,Inakadate Village,Sannohe Town,Gonohe Town 

Tsugaru area
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