NOTICE: Partial closure of North Hakkoda Trail

NOTICE: Partial closure of North Hakkoda Trail

Aomori Prefectural Government is closing some trails on Mt. Hakkoda in accordance with entry restrictions due to bear encounters.

1. Closed trails (see drawing)

 ・Hakkoda Trail Sukayu – Mt. Tamoyatsudake, (Sections excluding the Hakkoda Gourd Trail)

 ・Kenashitai Trail

 ・Hakkoda Onsen Mt. Akakuradake Trail

 ・Yachi・Hakkoda Odake Trail

 ・Tashirodai・Mt. Takada Odake Trail(Managed by Aomori City)

 ・Suiren Numa Pond Observation Deck and Restrooms.

2. period of closure 

 From Friday, June 28, 2024 until further notice

3. Other precautions 

 A black bear bear warning is currently in effect throughout the prefecture, so even if you use trails that are still open, please be aware there is still a chance that bears will appear. Please take the following precautions:

 ・Stay away from areas where bear encounters have been promoted.  

 ・Move in groups while making noise as much as possible.  

 ・If you do encounter a bear, remain calm and keep your distance from it, etc.