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A Trip Discovering Aomori’s Autumn Leaves

A Trip Discovering Aomori’s Autumn Leaves

Jōgakura Bridge
Panoramic view of autumn leaves from the 360-meter-long arch bridge

Our journey to see the autumn leaves of Aomori starts at the popular autumn foliage spot, Jōgakura Bridge, located in Towada-Hachimantai National Park.

Enjoy the striking view of the beautiful bridge against the autumn leaves.

The 360-meter-long bridge, which spans the Jōgakura Valley and connects the cliffs, is the longest upper arch bridge in Japan.

When you stand on the bridge and look around, you will be amazed at the huge 360-degree panorama of the Hakkoda mountain range and Mt.

The distance to the bottom of the valley is 122 meters. If you look down, you can see a mountain stream twisting its body like a white dragon far below.

The water in the river is highly acidic, so no fish live in it.

Embraced by the unspoiled beauty of nature, breathe in the morning air of the forest to your heart's content.

Jigokunuma and Suiren-numa Pond
Enjoying the autumn leaves near the Sukayu hot spring

Sukayu Onsen is a mountain hot spring resort with a history of over 300 years.

It is famous for its giant cypress-structured mixed baths, the Senninburo.

Near the hot spring, you can find Jigoku-numa (Hell Swamp).

The surrounding area is filled with sulfuric gas and hot spring water, making you feel the heartbeat of the earth.

The steam billowing out of the swamp envelops the red and yellow colored trees, creating a fantastic scene that looks more like paradise than hell.

Continuing on Route 103, you will reach Kasamatsu Pass, the top of the Hakkoda Loop Route at an elevation of 1040 meters.

Nearby is the Suiren-numa Pond (or Water Lily Pond)

Beyond it, you can see the beautifully colored mountains of the Hakkoda mountain range.

Hakkoda Ropeway
Enjoy an impressive panorama from the mountaintop!

Consider going trekking on your tour of Aomori’s autumn leaves in Hakkoda.

There are various routes for beginner to advanced climbers.

Beginners to intermediate climbers can use the Hakkoda Ropeway to reach the top of the mountain—a 650-meter climb—and then enjoy a two-and-a-half-hour trek back down to the Sukayu Hot Spring.

From the ropeway window, you can enjoy the autumn leaves from every angle.

When you get off the ropeway, you are greeted with a 360-degree panorama from the mountaintop!

You can almost see Hokkaido in the distance — the view is so spectacular that you will be lost for words.

Shimo-Kenashitai Marshland
A paradise in the sky that will impress

Walking along the wooden path, you’ll come to the highland marshland of Kenashitai.

Continue along Kami Kenashitai to see the breathtaking view of Shimo Kenashitai below.

Golden grassland covers the terrain in a mosaic of reds, yellows and oranges, surrounded by evergreen Abies sachalinensis.

It is a paradise in the sky that makes a picture-perfect view.

As you descend further, the colors of the leaves gradually change.

As you walk along, experience the changing colors before reaching Sukayu Onsen.

Tsuta Numa Lake
Take a walk at the Tsuta Bird Sanctuary

Take a walk through the Tsuta Bird Sanctuary in Towada-Hachimantai National Park.

There are seven lakes collectively called Tsuta Numa in the deep beech forest that rivals the World Natural Heritage Shirakami Sanchi.

This group of lakes is composed of Tsuta-numa, Kagaminuma, Tsukinuma, Naganuma, Suganuma, Hyotanuma, and Akanuma.

Except for Akanuma, located a short distance away, the other six swamps are surrounded by a 3-kilometer "Lake Tour Path" that allows visitors to easily enjoy the autumn colors while hiking.

Oirase Mountain Stream
The beauty of the mountain stream and the spectacular view of autumn leaves will make your heart tremble.

Oirase Gorge features a mountain stream that stretches about 14 kilometers from Konokuchi, near Lake Towada, to Yakeyama.

There is a well-maintained walking path along the road.

Beautiful mountain streams, mossy rocks, and waterfalls are scattered within easy reach, making it one of the most popular spots for viewing autumn leaves in Japan.

There is also a bus stop along the stream, making it convenient to take the bus to the stream spot.

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