Airport Shared-Ride Taxis

Airport Shared-Ride Taxis

As of October 2023, there is a reservation-based shared-ride taxi service that directly connects Aomori Airport and Misawa Airport to tourist destinations and major train stations. This service is offered by the airports in conjunction with Aomori City, Hirosaki City, Goshogawara City, and Hachinohe City. You can travel around Aomori Prefecture at a lower cost using this service.


  • These shared-ride taxis only operate upon the terms (time, route, fare) designated by reservations made in advance.
  • You must make a reservation on the website by 17:00 the day before you plan to use the service.

Routes (price per person)

Route A: Aomori City

Aomori Airport ⇔ Sannai Maruyama (2,200 yen) / Shin Aomori Station (2,600 yen) 

Route B: Goshogawara City

Aomori Airport ⇔ Goshogawara / Tachineputa Museum(5,000 yen) 

Route C: Hirosaki City

Aomori Airport ⇔ Hirosaki Station (5,000 yen)/ Hirosaki Park (5,400 yen) 

Route D: Hachinohe City

Misawa Airport ⇔ Hasshoku Center (4,200 yen) / Hachinohe Station (4,800 yen) 

Please check here for more details on timetables and reservation methods.


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