Aomori's Amazing Products

Aomori's Amazing Products

Situated at the northern tip of Honshu island and surrounded on three sides by oceans, Aomori is a region blessed with bountiful nature and attractions that change with the seasons, including the World Heritage Site of Shirakami-Sanchi and mysterious Lake Towada. 

The deliciousness of Aomori's products is nurtured by the harsh natural environment of the snowy cold of winter and the rough seas of the surrounding straits, combined with the passion of the local people, and a high level of technical skills.

Discover for yourself the exquisite tastes and flavors of the products we take such pride in, including the world-famous branded fruit Aomori apples. 


Aomori Official Products Guide

Spotlight on the appeal of high-quality, delicious Aomori apples

Aomori apples are number one in Japan, both in terms of production volume and land under cultivation. Aomori apples are also actively exported and you may even have spotted them in your own supermarket. 

Here we introduce the appeal of high-quality, delicious Aomori apples, and some of the efforts that are made to keeping them fresh. 

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The appeal of Aomori scallops, a popular food loved around the world

Situated on the northern tip of Japan’s main island of Honshu, Aomori boasts the largest catch of farmed scallops in the entire country. Scallops, or hotate in Japanese, are a popular part of Japanese cuisine and also feature in other global food cultures, including western and Chinese cuisine. Delve into this article to find out some of the secrets behind their popularity, from the way they are caught, to the latest preservation technologies, and the various ways they can be eaten.

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Aomori rice nurtured in the rich earth of Aomori Prefecture

Aomori rice is delicious rice cultivated by the hands of farmers who utilize the wisdom and techniques passed down through generations in a rich natural environment blessed with pure water. 

Here we introduce the appeal of Aomori rice that is so lovingly cultivated by Aomori rice farmers. 

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Aomori Official Products Guide 「Amazing AOMORI」

This page showcases food and produce nurtured by Aomori’s lush natural environment and Aomori-themed fairs taking place near you. Use it to help you find and purchase delicious, safe and high-quality Aomori products.

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Aomori Official Products Guide 「Amazing AOMORI」
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【Please Help Reduce Traffic Congestion and Preserve the Environmentt in the Tsutanuma Area】

When: Friday, October 20th - Tuesday, October 31st, 2023

Tsutanuma Pond in Tsuta Yacho no Mori (Tsuta Bird Sanctuary) within Towada-Hachimantai National Park faces issues such as road congestion, street parking, and damage to the natural environment due to the heavy influx of visitors during the autumn foliage season. 

To preserve the beauty of Tsutanuma for future generations, we ask for your understanding and cooperation in contributing an environmental conservation fee and using an advance reservation system to prevent traffic congestion.

Congestion countermeasures and environmental conservation around Tsutanuma Request for cooperation