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Transportation in the Aomori Area

The primary transportation hubs when traveling within Aomori Prefecture are as follows:
Shimokita area: Mutsu city
Nanbu area: Hachinohe city, Towada city
Tsugaru area: Aomori city, Hirosaki city, Goshogawara city

Renting a car from a station or airport is a convenient way to get around the vastness of Aomori Prefecture, but note that some roads are closed during the winter.
If you want to visit the Shimokita Peninsula, then taking a ferry ride together with a car is recommended.

  • *Information listed on the map is as of January 2022, but is subject to change, so confirm the information in advance before departing.

Getting to Aomori by train

Aomori Station - Shimokita Station

  • Aomori Station
  • Aoimori Railway Approx. 50 min
  • Noheji Station
  • Ominato Line Approx. 1 hr
  • Shimokita Station

Getting to Aomori by car

Aomori city - Mutsu city

  • Aomori city
  • National Highway 4 Approx. 1 hr
  • Noheji
  • National Highway 279 Approx. 1 hr 15 min
  • Mutsu city
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NOTICE: Partial closure of North Hakkoda trails

CAUTION: Asian black bear alert in effect in Aomori Prefecture

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